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Baby Emily

   Need a professional photographer for an intimate event. Want professional photos but not all the fuss, then I am your photographer! Hello, my name is April and let me briefly say photography is a passion of mine. I appreciate all aspects of photographing, never limiting myself to a particular style. Whether it be a small critter hiding in the flowers, a captured moment of someone’s life, an event for work or roaming around an abandoned building, makes no difference to me. I enjoy every moment that photographing involves!  


   Custom photography is an opportunity to capture the story of your family in a unique way, with the care and attention to detail that you don’t receive in a mass-market atmosphere. Whether you plan to have photo sets done only once, or you make a commitment to documenting your family on an annual basis, is something to consider.

   There is more value in receiving moments grasped in your own home or out in nature! Capturing memories, you cannot receive in a studio environment, like chasing the dog around the yard or creating that Christmas moment, around your Christmas tree in the home that shares your family’s life. Have a special event or party scheduled? It’s a great opportunity to seize pictures of loved ones and family group shots.

   Please gander at my site, there is just about something for everyone, and if you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to call, text or email at any time. I’m continuously taking photos so check back periodically to see what’s new!

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